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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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~Specific Action Plans for Implementing N4G Compact by Japan’s Food Stakeholder~

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Based on our experience, Japan’s stakeholders will focus on the following points to work toward the Tokyo N4G Summit theme No. 2 “Food: Building food systems that promote healthy diets and nutrition”.
[1]Food Systems Transformation[2]Promote  of Food-related Innovation in Business[3]Promote of Nutritional Behavior Change in consumers[4]Support for Nutrition Improvement in Developing and Emerging Countries

Japan’s Food stakeholders who endorsed the Action Plans

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Aomori Consumers' Co-operative Union

Promotion of the "Aomori Marugoto Health Challenge"
(Extending healthy life expectancy by expanding activities to review and improve residents' lifestyles)
Aomori Consumers’ Co-operative Union is promoting health promotion through our businesses and activities from the perspectives of diet, exercise, and social participation, with the aim of creating local communities where people can continue to live with a sense of security. Based on the “Aomori Marugoto Health Challenge,” we will contribute to extending the healthy life expectancy of residents by promoting lifestyle improvements in cooperation with universities, governments, schools, organizations, and companies, etc. We will expand this challenge in Aomori Prefecture with the Community-Based Retail Co-ops as a model business of the “Support Project for Health”, which is organized by the JCIF(Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers’ Co-operative Federation), and then we hope to spread it to co-ops nationwide.


"Help extend the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people"
By 2030, we will help extend the healthy life expectancy of one billion people by increasing the current reach to 700 million consumers and providing products and information that support consumers in enjoying nutritious and delicious foods with Nutrition Without Compromise as basic policy on our approach to nutrition.

The Ajinomoto Foundation

The actions based on "beneficiary insights"
We make a programmatic commitment and 5 specific goals, we will contribute to solving food and nutrition issues in developing countries and regions, and in disaster-stricken areas in Japan, through the following 4 independent and multifaceted projects to build a sustainable model.
  1. Prevention of stunting in Ghana
  2. Support to development of nutrition professionals in Vietnam
  3. Grant for community health and nutrition in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
  4. Support for human capacity building for food and nutrition in disaster-stricken areas of Japan


Use of Sustainable Raw Materials and Contributions to Health and Wellness
In accordance with the Aeon Sustainable Procurement Principles, we strive to procure sustainable raw materials and deliver safe, secure, eco-friendly products.

Iga Vegetable Farm Corp.

Beyond the Divide - FVC bridging across Local & Global
We contribute to organize diverse & sustainable food vale chain (FCV) in various local conditions in the world, by sharing the experience and knowledge obtained through establishing local organic vegetable production & distribution model in rural area in Japan.
To sustain local food system, reinforcing intra-regional distribution system by introducing scientific & environmentally friendly production technology as well as information sharing technology throughout value chains.

Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Co,.Ltd

Providing high quality protein
Itoham Yonekyu Holdings Co., Ltd. will strengthen each function of the supply chain to provide a stable supply of high-quality protein in order to ensure the sustainable food consumption and improve the consumers' health.

IntegriCulture Inc.

Cell-cultured Meat for Everyday Table
We make cell-cultured meat an economically feasible and sustainable protein source by 2030

ecologgie Inc.

Mass production of eco-friendly crickets and further dissemination to society
By 2025, ecologgie Inc. aims to utilize crickets to create resource-recirculating proteins in order to build a sustainable society and solve the global protein crisis.

SGS Japan Inc.

Support the provision of safe and secure foodstuffs and disseminate nutritional information, etc.
SGS Japan will support the provision of safe food products to people and animals around the world, including imported food products as well as food products exported from Japan, and aims to improve people's quality of life through the provision of nutritional information.

ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd

"Helping to Reduce Food Loss under the Theme of Changing the World from the Kitchen"
ABC Cooking Studio express our support for the FSS, which is held to promote concrete actions for the transformation to a sustainable food system in order to achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, we aim to achieve one of the goals of the SDGs, Zero hunger. We will propose a variety of initiatives.

Oisix ra daichi Inc.

Farm for Tomorrow,Table for Tomorrow
Oisix ra daichi Inc. expresses efforts to contribute to the realization of sustainable food systems - specifically the advancement of “Shift to Sustainable Consumption Pattern,” ” Boost Nature-Positive Production,” and “Ensure Access to Safe and Nutritious Food for All” - initiatives are in place to reduce both food loss and greenhouse gas emissions from across the supply chain. It is by resolving food related social issues that we contribute to a sustainable society and the future of food. Our aim is to help build a sustainable society.

Kao Corporation

Spreading of the evidence-based workplace nutrition improvement programs :"Smart WASHOKU"
Kao Corporation will contribute the reduction of premature deaths by non-communicable diseases using the findings from its own research activities in nutrition. As part of that, by 2025, we will provide the following workplace nutrition improvement programs to workplaces that cover 200,000 people annually (including 50,000 Kao-group employees and family members and 150,000 others) and promote Health and Productivity Management and Workplace Nutrition.


Improvement of malnutrition by vegetable
KAGOME has an integrated value chain from agriculture to production, processing, and sales that makes it one of its kind in the world. Since its establishment in 1899, KAGOME has developed a business that contributes to the health and rich dietary habits of consumers through its strengths in production by utilizing nature’s bountiful provision of vegetables and fruits. Also, KAGOME has been carrying out various ongoing dietary education activities over many years based on a desire for the healthy growth of the children who will take the lead in the future.

Kikkoman Corporation

The Kikkoman Group supports a healthy mind and body through a well-balanced and nutritious diet.
As a company operating in the food industry, the Kikkoman Group considers “food and health” to be one of the most important social issues. As well as delivering safe food products and services, the Group is committed to supporting a healthy mind and body through initiatives such as proposing a well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Kyokuyo Co,.Ltd

Support the promotion of "low-sodium" diets through the development and marketing of "Karushioh Certified Products
What is "KARUSHIOH"?
It is an initiative by the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center to promote "a new way of thinking about salt reduction with less salt to bring out the flavor" to improve dietary habits for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.The Kyokuyo Group agrees with this purpose and is also promoting the development and sales of certified products.

Ginza Honey Bee Project NPO

Widespread use of Honey to improve malnutrition.
By 2030, [Ginza Honey Bee Project NPO] will provide nutritious honey and strive to prevent and improve malnutrition and frailty in the elderly.

Cookpad Inc.

Promote awareness of food issues and behavior change among consumers through cooking
Cookpad Inc. will contribute to the healthy and sustainable food system, especially to the "Transformation of the food system," "Promotion of innovation in food-related industries," and "Promotion of behavioral change in nutrition among individuals,"? by increasing the number of consumers who are highly aware on food related issues in the world and take actions through cooking.


Reducing food loss and waste and promoting social support by using food sharing site "KURADASHI".
KURADASHI Co.,Ltd. will reduce food loss and waste by 50% by 2030, while continuously supporting food banks and social contribution organizations.

Health Information Consortium, Keio Research Institute at SFC

Promoting, via collaboration among industry, academia, government, and the public, an ESD-related dietary education campaign using ICT
Prior to 2030, the Health Information Consortium, Keio Research Institute at SFC will, via collaboration among industry, academia, government, and the public, conduct an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)-related dietary education campaign using ICT to depict nutritional status, develop a dietary education program, and work to improve the nutrition of young women and children.

KENKO Mayonnaise Co,.Ltd

Contributing to nutrition improvement and health maintenance by "Salad Ryori"
We will contribute to the world through “Food“and contribute to people's health and happiness by providing delicious scenes of "Salad Ryori".

International Life Sciences Institute Japan

Aiming to develop projects based on the latest and sound science
Based on the latest and sound science, ILSI Japan carries on projects for resolving and disseminating scientific issues relating health, nutrition, food safety, and the environment while ensuring the international harmonization. The purpose of these projects is to contribute to better nutrition, improved health, food safety and the environment for the Japanese and people all over the world.

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

Together for our food and planetary health
JIRCAS undertakes research and development, such as breeding and cultivation technologies that contribute to food security and improved nutrition, and functions as an international hub for providing strategic information on food systems from various perspectives, and dissemination of information based on scientific knowledge.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office in Japan

Awareness raising and network building on better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life
Strengthen awareness raising in Japan on food security and better nutrition at the global level
Establish a network with local governments for global knowledge sharing


Improve productivity and sustainability of agriculture by expanding sales of "Fujimin"
By 2030, Japan Conservation Engineers will contribute to stable food supply and sustainable agriculture by working on soil improvement using Fujimin.


Construction a sustainable food system
Kokubu Group pledges to "Pass on the business we have built up over 300 years to the next generation and create happiness and smiles for everyone across the globe through food."
We aim to realize food production that can be passed on to the next generation and a society in which all consumers have equal access to quality food.

entomo protein Inc.

Our African edible worms make people in Japan much healthier.
We are committed to "Disseminating insect food and fostering an insect food culture" and "Fair trade from Africa" for contributing to the development of sustainable food systems.

Sasakawa Africa Association

Nutrition improvement through agriculture
For the period of 2021-2025, SAA commits to improve nutritional status for the total of 22,000 smallholder farmers in Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria and Uganda through a holistic approach combining Nutrition-sensitive Agriculture (NSA) with Regenerative Agriculture (RA) and Market-oriented Agriculture (MOA) in a complementary manner. The total planned budget committed is $4.8million.

Obstetrics and Gynecology TATEDEBARI SATO HOSPITAL

A nutritional education campaign based on medical, community, and government collaboration to improve the nutrition of pregnant women and young women
In order to prevent low body weight and undernutrition in pregnant women and young women, Obstetrics and Gynecology TATEDEBARI SATO HOSPITAL will examine mainly gynecology and obstetrics models of nutritional education based on government and community collaboration and help to improve the nutrition of pregnant women and young women and to produce healthy future generations by 2030.


Healthy meal in the foodservice industry
By 2025, we will improve food environment through providing healthy meals (such as low-energy/ low-sodium meals) at all our consigned foodservice facilities (offices, dormitories, universities and so on), which the head office staff can check/ change menu.

International Medical Volunteers Japan Heart

Nutrition improvement by hospital diet in Cambodia
For people getting knowledge of nutrition and hygiene, we will provide customized food to each patient's condition and provide nutrition education to local residents.

Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.

Food loss and waste reduction and promotion of organic waste recycling
Seven & i group will strive to reduce food loss and waste, as well as accelerate organic waste recycling. We also will develop food and nutrition education activities to promote healthy eating habits by utilizing our stores.

World Food Programme Japan Liaison Office

Ensuring food systems deliver healthy diets for all people within planetary boundaries
・Work with governments, supply chain actors and local communities across food systems to bring healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food within reach of everyone
Especially assist those living in the most fragile settings, where conflict, disasters, and the impact of climate change threaten progress against malnutrition.

TAMAYA Noodlemanufacturing

Revitalizing healthy and joyful dining tables by expanding sales of sakura pasta
In order to make it easy to incorporate beet's nutrients into the daily table, Tamatani Seimen will use sakura pasta with beets to make efforts to propose a well-balanced table multifaceted by 2025.

Chibo Holdings Co., Ltd.

Menu development: This menu will improve nutrition and health by using the characteristics of Okonomiyaki.
Okonomiyaki is one of the favorite Japanese comfort foods which can be created by using wide range of ingredients and it's also healthy and nutritious. Chibo develops these menus as the internationally strategic products and promotes sales in domestic and foreign markets positively to improve people’s nourishment and health both in Japan and abroad.

DSM Japan K.K.

Closing the micronutrient gap
We commit to helping to fill the current nutrient gap of 800 million vulnerable people by 2030

Support smallholder farmer livelihoods
Together with our partners, supporting the livelihoods of 500,000 smallholder farmers across value chains by 2030.

Improved workforce nutrition
As a company focused on supporting good health through nutrition, we ensure access to good nutritional information and increased access to healthy nutrition for all our global employees, following the guidance of the GAIN/CGF Workforce Nutrition alliance score card.

Tokyo University of Agriculture

Nutrition improvement through Agrodiversity in Africa
Tokyo Nodai is promoting the project "Stimulating use of local food resources in Africa to improve nutrition and livelihoods" in Kenya. In 2020, we started a new students exchange project to foster next-generation leaders who will contribute to the improvement of food and nutrition, by promoting student exchanges between Africa and Japan.

Toshima School Health Association

Promote of Nutritional Behavior Change in Children through health education after bone density measurement


Nutrition Vision of NISSIN FOODS Group
The NISSIN FOODS Group expresses support for Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit 2021 to contributing to "nutrition improvement" and "building sustainable food system".

Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.

Contribute to consumers' health and nutrition through our wheat-based products and information.
The Nisshin Seifun Group expressly supports the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit Theme 2 "Food: Building a Healthy and Sustainable Food System".
Notably, we will work to "Promote of Food-related Innovation in Business" and "Promote of Nutritional Behavior Change in consumers".

Nichirei Foods Inc.

We are committed to food loss reduction for contributing to the development of sustainable food systems.
In addition, we will take advantage of the characteristics of frozen foods and retort pouch foods to work on "Ensuring access to safe and nutritious foods for all".

NIPPN Corporation

Provision of product and information aimed at extending healthy life expectancy
NIPPN Corporation will contribute to extending the healthy life expectancy of people by providing products and information that can help improve nutrition for people of all ages, in addition to the pursuit of good taste and health.

NH Foods Ltd.

Unleash new potentials for protein
~Ensure a stable supply and a variety of food choices for protein~


Product development and sales promotion of healthy foods and promotion of dietary education activities
NIPPON ACCESS, INC. promotes nutritional improvement through the sale of healthy foods (KARADA smile project, plant-based foods, etc.) and continuously engages in dietary education activities in order to contribute to society through food

Japanese Standards Association

Stable meal provision by developing International Standard for emergency food
JSA will contribute to reduce the number of people with food difficulty in the event of disaster by developing ISO standard for emergency food with experts.

Japan CO-OP Kyosai (Insurance) Consumers' Co-operative Federation

Implementation of CO・OP Kyosai Support Project for Health Promotion
(Financial support for health promotion activities undertaken by local member co-ops in collaboration with school, government, and private enterprise)
In response to social issues such as a super-aging society and declining birthrates and population, COOP Kyosai and member co-ops, which are for enriching people's daily livelihoods, count it as a mission and a major business issue to extend the healthy life expectancy of energetic elderly people, who can lead local communication.
With the aim of contributing to policy holders, COOP Kyosai business, and local communities, we will provide financial support for activities related to dietary habits, exercise, and social participation by our member co-ops.

Nippon Biodiesel Fuel co.,ltd.

Improving Food Value Chain by expanding Agriculture Digital Platform
NBF will improve agriculture value chain by expanding E-Agri Platform for African countries. We'll achieve 100,000 users of E-Agri Platform before the end of December 2022.

Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU)

Promoting "Healthy CO・OP", voluntary "Shokuiku" activities, and donations for nutrition improvement projects in developing countries
1. JCCU promotes "Healthy CO・OP" through developing health-support products and proposing healthy recipes.
2. Consumers' cooperative members voluntarily organize various "Shokuiku (food education)" activities at local level.
3. Consumers' cooperatives support nutrition improvement projects in developing countries including through donations associated with product sales.

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)

Accomplishment of sustainable food supply and nutritional improvement through the realization of Society 5.0 in agriculture and food industry
Aiming for the "improvement of food self-sufficiency", "strengthening competitiveness in the agricultural and food industry" and "achieving both productivity improvement and environmental conservation", NARO realizes Society 5.0 through the creation of science and technology innovations and contributes to stable food supply and nutritional improvement in the world and the achievement of SDGs.

The Norinchukin Bank

Leading Bank that underpins food and agriculture as well as the daily lives of local communities
We strive to create new value such as building the food and agriculture value chain in Asia and promoting environmentally friendly agriculture.

The Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture:CIAT

Food system solutions at the nexus of agriculture, environment and nutrition
Food systems and landscapes that sustain the planet, drive prosperity, and nourish people.

We deliver research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people's lives in a climate crisis.


Popularization of Japanese food and sweets to create a healthy body
Suggestions for Japanese food and sweets for vegans
Happy & Life88 works on improving various illnesses and creating a healthy body with Vegan food (especially Japanese food) and sweets (plant-based).


Unique Biotech Brings Wellbeing to All
By 2030, Hayashibara Co., Ltd. will contribute to promote safe, sustainable and healthy diets that support people and planetary health by utilizing the unique functions of our food ingredients with stakeholders.

Hirosaki University Center of Innovation

"QOL Health Checkup Program" for literacy gain.
To contribute to the reduction of premature deaths from non-communicable diseases in Japan and the world, we will establish a highly effective health literacy improvement program, "QOL Health Checkup Program", based on the findings of the cohort studies. The program visualizes each person’s health issues, gives motivation, literacy for nutrition or health, and supports for healthy lifestyles in the real life. We will provide the program for 1 million people worldwide by 2030, to help reduce disparities in health and health literacy among the world.

Fisherman Japan Marketing Co., Ltd.

East African Blue Economy Project
Our mission is to improve food supply logistics in Eastern Africa by establishing a modern seafood supply base in Dar es Salaam, and extend cold value chains throughout Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.


Expanding plant-based protein ingredients for the health of the planet and people
Combining plant-based oil and proteins to expand our choice of tasty and healthy plant-based foods and to contribute to the creation of a sustainable food system.


Drive the future with the intelligence of BOSAI and SPACE
BSFP is a project to stimulate a better future by reflecting the wisdom, experience, and technology of disaster and space into safe and secure living. We will develop new emergency and space food by solving common issues related to food in disaster areas and space. In addition, we will expand our business into various areas such as lifestyle. Our goal is to enter the space travel food market, which will be necessary in the age when many people go to space.

Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Providing the health value of marine products with excellent nutrition and functionality
Maruha Nichiro will promote the research, development and commercialization of food products that contribute to the extension of nutritional status and healthy life expectancy by 2030 through the stable provision of delicious marine products with added nutrition and functionality.

Mirai-Zou Co., Ltd

To promote "Digital Agriculture"
The company has been advancing digitalization of soil diagnostics and compounding fertilizers based on diagnostics since we developed “Soil-man System” in 2014. We have got good results by compounding fertilizers based on data. We can reduce waste of fertilizer, grow productivity and reduce defects. Hereafter, we will improve the system to provide detailed assistance to different soils which vary regionally. It is crucial to promote organic agriculture which is recent national policy.


We promote personalized nutritional improvement using VITANOTE, a nutrition test kit.
By using the VitaNote a nutrition test kit, to assess nutritional deficiencies, especially micronutrients, and by providing appropriate nutritious food, we will encourage individuals to change their nutritional behavior and work to eradicate hunger and solve nutritional issues for pregnant and nursing mothers and children.

Euglena Co,. Ltd.

Business solving social problems
Grameen Euglena's Mungbean project will achieve to create job opportunity and increase incomes for 7,000 Bangladeshi smallholder farmers, and to provide a food supply for 5 million meals to Rohingya refugees in 2022.

Ridgelinez Limited

Our Goals and actions for "Sustainability Development in Health and Nutrition fuels"
We have made commitment for Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021 in the priority area; Building food systems that promote safe, healthy diets and nutrition. As our brief, making innovation and sustainability transformation will lead the solutions of social issues through our strategy, design and technology, by seeing things for what they really are as human nature.

World Sangyou Co., Ltd.

Improving the nutrition of workers in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar through the provision of healthy meals
World Sangyo Co., Ltd. will provide healthy meals and nutrition education to improve the nutrition of workers in Myanmar, and address behavior change