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Chubu Area

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Toyama Prefecture



Information provided by : 越中とやま食の王国
  • Cuisine
    A confectionary made in the old days in the mountain area where rice was hardly cultivated. This is mochi made by steaming mochi rice and Tochi berries together after the harshness of the Tochi berries is removed, and pounding them into mochi. Since Tochi berries have a harsh taste, it is difficult to handle for beginners, but the flavor is very rich and delicate.
  • Ingredients
    Mochi rice・・・1800cc, Tochi berries (peeled and harshness removed)・・・650g, Azuki an・・・as needed
  • Recipe
    1. Soak the dried Tochi berries overnight.
    2. Boil 1, remove from heat right before boiling, and remove the peels in lukewarm water. Tools such as an eyeleteer can be used.
    3. Soak the berries in running water for one week.
    4. Simmer the berries in plenty of hot water, remove from heat, add the same amount of wood ash as the berries, and leave it overnight.
    5. Wash the berries thoroughly, remove the inner skin if any, and steam them with mochi rice.
    6. Pound the steamed rice and berries. Shape it into noshimochi, or stuff it with an and roll into a ball.

Gihu Prefecture

Gohei mochi

gohei mochi

Information provided by : 岐阜県農政部農産物流通課
  • Cuisine
    This dish originates from long ago, when people working in the mountains stuck rice on pieces of wood and grilled and ate it with miso when drinking sake. People carried it as lunch. It is made to thank the gods after the harvest in autumn. Also, they are made when all family members gather or when having guests.
  • Ingredients
    Rice・・・1. 5kg, Salt・・・1 pinch, Walnuts or peanuts・・・1 cup, Sugar・・・200g, Miso・・・200g, Mirin・・・1 cup, Soy sauce・・・1 cup, Bonito flakes・・・as needed, Leaf buds of Japanese pepper
  • Recipe
    1. Cook rice as usual. Crush 60-70% of it while it is hot and mix with salt.
    2. Place the amount of a small rice bowl thinly onto a wooden board. Cover with a cloth and make it into a sandal shape and let it cool.
    3. Crush the walnuts or peanuts and grind in a grinding bowl. Mix the seasonings and grind well until it becomes thick.
    4. Burn the rice until it is fully burnt.
    5. Put the sauce on the rice.
    6. Make a fire on “naga konro” (gohei konro) with charcoal, and burn the rice while using a fan.

Aichi Prefecture

Rice with added ingredients


Information provided by : Aichi lore cuisine collection
  • Cuisine
    There used to be an event called hotokukai in the former Ashiyamada village, Ichinomiyacho. The event was held once a year for men and twice for women. This cooked rice with added ingredients was eaten on these occasions. Plenty of seasonal wild plants and vegetables were mixed into the rice.
  • Ingredients
    Rice・・・1. 4kg, Carrots・・・1. 5, Gobo burdock・・・200g, In spring: Bamboo shoot・・・300g, Bracken・・・200g In autumn: Brown beech mushrooms・・・150g, Edamame green soybeans・・・260g, Deep-fried tofu・・・5, Konjac・・・100g, Sugar・・・3 tablespoons, Soy sauce・・・230g, Salt・・・some
  • Recipe
    1. Wash the rice one hour before cooking and drain.
    2. Cook the rice with 10% extra water added. Add two-fifths of the soy sauce to the cooked rice and leave it for the rice to soak up the flavor.
    3. Some of the ingredients may have a bitter taste. Soak them in water to remove the bitterness and drain. Put the ingredients except for the edamame green soybeans in a pot, add sugar and the rest of the soy sauce, and cook until the water from the ingredients has evaporated. Put the rice in an ohitsu wooden container to mix with the cooked ingredients.
    4. Cook the edamame in salted boiling water, drain and mix with the rice. *Make sure to cook the ingredients until the water has evaporated so that the rice does not get soggy.