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Kanto Area

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Tochigi Prefecture

Kenchin Jiru


Information provided by : Tochigi Prefecture Agricultural Advisory Board
  • Cuisine
    Kenchin Jiru is a vegetarian soup dish that is commonly cooked in autumn and winter using the seasonal local harvest. It can also be made in spring and summer, with different kinds of seasonal vegetables.
  • Ingredients (4 persons)
    Daikon radish・・・300g, Taro・・・300g, Konjac・・・120g, Carrot・・・100g, Gobo burdock・・・50g, Shiitake mushroom・・・50g, Tofu・・・Half leek・・・50g, Niboshi dried sardine・・・10 pieces, soy sauce・・・40ml. Salt・・・5g, Broth・・・800ml, Cooking oil・・・6 tablespoons Recipe
  • Recipe
    1. Cut the daikon into quarter rounds.
    2. Cut the carrot into half circles or quarter rounds.
    3. Cut the gobo in diagonal slices, and soak them in water to remove the bitterness.
    4. Cut the taro into 1cm slices.
    5. Cut the shiitake into 3 to 4 pieces.
    6. Cut the konjac into bite-size pieces and cook them in boiling water.
    7. Cut the leek into 2cm diagonal slices.
    8. Heat cooling oil in a pot and stir-fry ingredients 1-6.
    9. Break the tofu with your fingers and add the pieces to the pot.
    10. Add the broth and niboshi (get rid of the heads and guts), and simmer until the vegetables are soft.
    11. Add soy sauce and salt, and simmer until the vegetables are softer.
    12. Add leek slices.

Chiba Prefecture

Peanuts Okowa

peanut rice

Information provided by : Chiba local dishes
  • Cuisine
    Raw peanuts made in Chiba Prefecture are stewed in soy sauce and sugar, and cooked with rice together with Azuki beans. You can enjoy a taste different from Sekihan (festive red rice) and faintly sense the sweetness of peanuts.
  • Ingredients (4 persons)
    Mochigome (glutinous sweet rice)・・・4 cups, Raw peanuts・・・100g, Azuki beans・・・20g, Roasted sesame (black)・・・1 teaspoon
    [A:Seasoning] Sugar・・・2Tbs, Mirin・・・2 tea spoons, Soy sauce・・・1 teaspoon
    [Water mix] Salt・・・1 Tbs, Water・・・2.5 cups
  • Recipe
    1. Soak the raw peanuts in water overnight.
    2. Boil the Azuki beans firmer than normal (keep the water that the beans are cooked in).
    3. Wash the rice and soak it overnight in the water that the Azuki beans were cooked in.
    4. Cook the soaked peanuts with plenty of water. Once the water boils, drain.
    5. Add new water in 4., and cook until the peanuts are soft. Add seasoning A and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat.
    6. Drain the rice, add the peanuts and Azuki beans and steam it in a steamer.
    7. Steam it for 25 minutes, add salt water to the rice.
    -Do not cook the rice with water - water is added later.
    -Do not use raw peanuts after summer because they may have an odor.
    8. Steam it for additional 10 minutes.
    9. Serve on a plate and add sesame on top.