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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Character Size

Kyusyu and Okinawa Area

Saga Prefecture

Chestnut and rice

Information provided by : Saga Prefectural Manufacturer Support Division
  • Cuisine
    A must-have at traditional ‘Okunchi’ celebrations. It is eaten across the prefecture, however, the Arita city style of serving this dish in a rectangular wooden dish during October ‘Okunchi’ celebrations is well-known.
  • Ingredients
    Sweet rice・・・400g, Chestnuts (peeled)・・・300g, Azuki beans(dried)・・・80g, Salt・・・small amount
  • Recipe
    1. Wash the rice and soak overnight.
    2. Peel chestnuts and boil azuki beans one-eighth the way through.
    3. Take 1, out of water, mix with 2, and add salt. Steam.