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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Information on Japan's traditional vegetables

Most of the vegetables grown today in Japan, have originally come from overseas.Over the course of hundreds of years, vegetables originally produced in the south, the north, and arid regions have been adapted to suit the local climate, natural features and soil in different parts of Japan, and have become established as unique local vegetables there. Those that suit the dietary lifestyles of people living in those areas have been passed down through the generations as traditional vegetables.

Nowadays, a variety of with their unique shapes and appearance and adapted to the local natural environment are cultivated in various parts of Japan.These vegetables have been loved by local people and rooted in the dietary culture of each area.
While some local some local authorities have recognized and certified these vegetables as “local traditional vegetables,”many of these vegetables have been proudly protected and nurtured together with dietary culture and ritual by the local people.

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Japan's traditional vegetables

Japan's traditional vegetables(PDF:6,364KB)