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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Japanese Agricultural Standard

Organic JAS

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Standards for quality and production methods are provided for foods, beverages other than alcohols, and forestry products as Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS).

Products can carry JAS marks with the packages if they are graded by producers, manufacturers, distributors, or importers who are certified by third party organization.

The JAS marks ensure the qualities of the products, which help consumers or users make choices.

The JAS is not a standard on food safety, HACCP or GAP. The JAS Standards are categorized as below:

1) General JAS with quality, such as composition, grading, performance; and

2) Specific JAS with production methods, such as organic foods and naturally grown chicken (“Jidoriniku”).

In order to attach JAS marks to their products, Business Entities such as producers and manufacturers shall be certified by Registered Japanese or Overseas Certifying Bodies. The Business Entities both in Japan and overseas are able to be certified.

 JAS Marks


JAS (General JAS)

Applied to the foods and the forestry products which conform to the JAS for quality, such as grade, composition and performance.

Specific JAS  

Specific JAS
Applied to the foods which conform to the JAS for specific method of production or manufacturing and the foods which conform to the JAS for distinctive characteristics in quality, etc. comparison to ordinary products.

Organic JAS

Organic JAS 
Applied to the agricultural products, etc. which conform to the Organic JAS. Unless organic JAS logos are attached to the plant products or processed foods of plant origin, they can’t be labelled as “organic”.

Production Information JAS Production Information JAS
Applied to the beef and pork whose information about feeds and animal medicine is disclosed, and plant products whose information about pesticides and fertilizers used by producer is disclosed. Disclosing method shall conform to the Production Information JAS.
Distribution under fixed temperature control JAS 

Distribution under fixed temperature control JAS
Applied to Bento (lunch box) made with rice which distributed under consistently fixed temperature control from production to sale.





Food Standards Office, Food Manufacture Affairs Division,
Food Industry Affairs Bureau,
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries