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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Biomass Town

The Biomass Town is an area where a comprehensive biomass utilization system is established and operated through the cooperation of various stakeholders in the area. Each step from biomass generation, conversion, distribution and to use is linked together among the stakeholders, and their biomass utilization is stable and appropriate to the community in the area.

The Biomass Town Plan is a planning document that describes the target area characteristics, implementing bodies, goals and effects, procedure of developing the Plan, biomass potential and biomass utilization, all if which eventually contribute to building consensus among various stake holders to formulate the Biomass Town.

Biomass Town Project in East Asia

MAFF supported the formulation of Four Biomass Town Plans to develop sustainable biomass utilization systems in each countries of Thailand,Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia from FY2008  to FY 2012. The program aimed to promote and disseminate the Biomass Town Concept throughout East Asian countries.

The Guidebook for Promoting Biomass Town Concept

MAFF compiled the guidebook aimed to promote the Biomass Town Concept throughout the East Asian countries and summrized necessary information to formulate the Biomass Town Plan based on our experiences for five-years program.


The Guidebook for Promoting Biomass Town Concept


   Part 1: The Biomass Town (PDF:1,162KB)

   Part 2: Procedure for Developing the Biomass Town Plan(1/2)(PDF:490KB)

               Procedure for Developing the Biomass Town Plan(2/2)(PDF:1,849KB)   

   Part 3: Biomass Town Plans Supported by MAFF in Four Countries







            1-3 Laws & Regulation, Assessing Economic Feasibility and Bioenergy Sustainability(PDF:186KB)

              4  Case Example: Oki, Fukuoka(PDF:520KB)

                                            Motegi, Tochigi(PDF:1,799KB)

              5 Biomass Utilization Technology(PDF:494KB)

              6 Japan's Biomass Policy etc. (PDF:1,096KB)



Biomass Policy Division,
Food Industry Affairs Bureau