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Actions taken to restore Rural Community Sewerage Facilities - (May 11)

※This is a temporary report. The numbers shown below may be updated based on the further investigation.

Damages of Rural Community Sewerage Facilities and responses to the damage are shown below.

1. Damages of Rural Community Sewerage Facilities
As of May 11, MAFF has received reports from 11 prefectures such as Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki, and Chiba. Total damages amount to about 60.5 billion yen in 403 areas.

(For reference: as of April 27, total damages amount to about 47.0 billion yen in 390 areas.)

2. Responses to the damage
In order to support affected municipalities, JARUS (The Japan Association of Rural Resource Recycling Solutions) which has technical skills related to Rural Community Sewerage Facilities, provides assistances such as emergency inspections of facilities as well as investigation of damages. In addition, relevant Regional Agricultural Administration Offices conduct supports such as emergency measures as well as technical consultations about restoration.

Furthermore, based on the construction system before the assessment, 47 districts have already started to construct for restoration.

(For reference: as of April 27,the construction was started at 37 districts..)

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