Which of these designs appeals Japan the most?
New JAS logo with unique product contents.
Let's vote to choose one!

JAS :日本農林規格
《Japanese Agricultural Standard》




  • 国内外にその商品や製造業者に際立った特徴があることが訴求できる
  • パッケージ上の限られた面積で表示しやすく、単色で印刷できる
  • 何の規格であるかの内容をデザインの内部又は周辺に記載できる



The JAS logos that are familiar to you at present can be roughly divided into two types. One is the most known round-shaped JAS logo that’s used for items such as soy sauce and lumber. This is given to the standards for leveling. Another one is given for standards that have distinctive features such as “Jidori chicken ”, “Cured ham”, and “agricultural products with information disclosed”. As for this type, we now have three logos.
This time, we will unify these three to make a new one with your vote.

We have designed three patterns to be a new JAS logo under the conditions below.
It can appeal distinctive characteristics of the products or manufactures to the people in and outside Japan.
Within the limited space on a package, it's easy to see and can be printed in a single color.
Description of what specification this product applies can be printed within the design or around it.
Not only in Japan, but also worldwide, in aiming to increase exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products, we would like you to select one design that appeals to people “unique to Japan” and “special” in foreign markets. Please join us and vote!
Voting period: From Monday, September 4, 2018 until Sunday, September 30 [23時59分], 2018

  • A案(Design A)

    This features Mt. Fuji and Hinomaru (flag of Japan).
    The contents of specification will be printed under the foot of Mt. Fuji.
  • B案(Design B)

    This features Sakura (cherry blossoms).
    The contents of specification will be printed on the right side.
  • C案(Design C)
    This features the image of "the road leading toward the world and the future".
    The contents of specification will be printed under the logo.


 実用イメージ(See the practical example)


     A little more on the logos . . .




Right now we have five types of JAS logos being used for items such as soy sauce, lumber, organic food, etc. that have certain levels of quality and characteristics. This time, we will combine the three existing logos, and set a new JAS logo that will be used to differentiate the superior quality and technologies. Thus, we will aim to enhance and boost further differentiation and establishment of the brand for the Japanese products and services.

The new JAS system started in full scale in April this year, and in addition to the previous quality and production method, the range that can be standardized such as companies’ business management methods and criteria on individual capabilities like instructors in specific fields, has been expanded.

Furthermore, to help people make standardization proposals much easier than before, we have prepared a manual that explains the flow of standardization and prepared a consultation system. Under such circumstances, we can anticipate further increase of products with differential standard category, therefore, we have decided to unify the current logos to make a new one in order to avoid confusion and to enhance its recognition.


A案(Design A)

    • モノクロ

    • 規格内容表示 Content of specification
      (日本語 Japanese)

    • 規格内容表示 Content of specification
      (英語 English)

B案(Design B)

    • モノクロ

    • 規格内容表示 Content of specification
      (日本語 Japanese)

    • 規格内容表示 Content of specification
      (英語 English)

C案(Design C)

    • モノクロ

    • 規格内容表示 Content of specification
      (日本語 Japanese)

    • 規格内容表示 Content of specification
      (英語 English)