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Director General's message


Tomohiro BesshoThe Policy Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (PRIMAFF), was established in April 2001, as the sole national policy research organization engaged in the study and research of the policies related to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, by the reorganization of the former National Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (NRIAE).

Recent years have seen important changes in the areas of Japanese foods, agriculture and rural areas. In this movement, to ensure the continued development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries and rural areas in the future, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan has been working on planning and promoting relevant policies adapted to the new age, under the Basic Law of Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas.

PRIMAFF attaches importance to the cooperation and coordination with administrative offices of the Ministry more closely than before and responding to new policy directions through its policy research. From this standpoint, it carries out research and studies on the situations and policies of foods, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and rural areas inside and outside Japan, by making use of social science approaches including economics, law and sociology as well as natural science approaches.


Operational system for research

♦ Research operation under the research area/team system

Research teams are organized across the research areas for more mobilized and effective research and studies according to topics.

♦ Collaboration with administrative offices

Policy research coordinators and assistant policy research coordinators keep track of administrative demands and closely coordinate with the related administrative offices at every steps from the selection of research topics, carrying out research and to producing outputs.

♦ Collaboration with other research institutions

The institute seeks an open research environment by promoting interactions of researchers and joint research with other research institutes and utilizing a visiting researchers system.


Operational system for research


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