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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Research on food supply chains

  The institute performs research on trends in food consumption in a declining and aging population, as well as with the aim of creating new value in each stage of the food supply chain: production, processing, distribution, and consumption.  
As the quantity of food in Japan saturates domestic consumption, the number of single-person households rises, and lifestyles change, there is a need for a supply chain built to be suited to the shift toward externalization of our diet and other changing food consumption patterns.
Thus, in response to consumer needs, the institute performs research on major agricultural products (e.g. wheat, soybeans, vegetables, fruits, marine products) for the purpose of securing demand for especially Japanese agricultural products oriented toward processed foods and ready-made meals. Research is also conducted for the purpose of creating new value through utilization of "geographical indications" and other means of offering differentiated Japanese agricultural products.
For the Japanese population to enjoy a rich and healthy diet, an obvious problem has arisen regarding the need for sufficient access to food at the household level.
For this reason, the institute conducts research on the proper state of a "food system" in a highly aged society, such as quantitative assessments of food access that reflect the actual state of consumption, and the effect of food access problems on food intake and health of the elderly.
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