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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Research Monograph Series : published irregularly

  • Changes in Domestic Wheat and Barley Food Systems after the Introduction of Private Distribution System in Japan, Yukisato YOSHIDA (No.11 / Aug. 2016)
  • A Study on Agricultural Trade Problems Arising in the Multilayered Expansion of Free Trade Negotiation, Ryuichi FUKUDA(No.10 / Mar.2010)
  • Analysis of the System of Chinese Rural Cooperatives, Shoichiro KAWAHARA (No.9 / Aug.2008)
  • The Empirical Study of the Managerial Competency on Japanese Farm Management, Gentaro SUZUMURA (No.8 / Mar.2008)
  • GMOs:Globalizing Productions and Their Regulations, Norio FUJIOKA  and  Masashi TACHIKAWA (No.7 / Mar.2006)
  • Development of Vegetables Farming in Japan, Toshitaka KATSUKI (No.6 / Mar.2005)
  • Agricultural Policies for Less-favored Areas in European Union : Focusing on Germany, Tomoko ICHIDA (No.5 / Mar.2004)
  • Identity Preservation of Genetically Modified Crops and Evolution of Grain Food System, Masashi TACHIKAWA (No.4 / Dec.2003)
  • Agricultural Reform of CIS: Transition from Planned to Market Economy, Koichi NOBE (No.3 / Oct.2003)
  • Structural Change of Japanese Agriculture : Analyses of the 2000 Agricultural Census, Noboru HASHIZUME and Osamu CHIBA (No.2 / Feb.2003)  
  • Territories and the Environment in French Agricultural Policies, Keiichi ISHII (No.1 / Feb.2002)