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Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Prioritized areas of research

The institute focuses on the following five research areas in order to promote appropriate research that reflects the important topics related to the policies on agriculture, forestry and fisheries and the direction of policy development.

Research on agricultural strategies of major countries

The institute investigates and analyzes situations, policies and strategies of major countries and regions on agriculture and trading. The research results provide vital information for formulating Japan's agricultural policies, conducting international negotiations, and so on.

Research on food supply chains

The institute performs research on trends in food consumption in a declining and aging population, as well as with the aim of creating new value in each stage of the food supply chain: production, processing, distribution, and consumption.

Research on agricultural structures and production entities

The institute performs research on the formation and reorganization of agricultural production entities as appropriate for regional characteristics and changes in regional agricultural structures, as well as research on overall trends in Japanese agricultural and rural villages with aging and declining populations.

Research on rural areas

The institute performs research that analyzes the current state and future trends of rural villages, which contain the foundation of the diverse value of agriculture and are intimately linked to agricultural production. It conducts research on policy for the maintenance and revitalization of agricultural, mountain, and fishing villages.

Research on the new functions of agriculture and rural villages

The institute conducts research on policies to maintain and promote the various economic, social, and environmental functions of agriculture and rural villages, as well as research on the sustainable use of biomass and other local resources.