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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Research on agricultural structures and production entities

  The institute performs research on the formation and reorganization of agricultural production entities as appropriate for regional characteristics and changes in regional agricultural structures, as well as research on overall trends in Japanese agricultural and rural villages with aging and declining populations.  
With national population decline and aging among agricultural producers expected to continue on into the future, the formation in local agriculture of new production entities and the reorganization of existing entities have become urgent challenges.
Additionally, it is expected that there are differences between regions in terms of the distribution and composition of village farming organizations, farmers aiming for large-scale optimization, and farmers engaged in the so-called "sextiary sector" (i.e. farms also engaged in processing and sales). Consequently, there will be regional differences in the effects of policy and the problems of policy implementation.
For this reason, the institute works (1) to provide an overall, comprehensive image of Japanese agriculture and rural villages using macro-level analysis of census data and other sources, and (2) in local regions selected on the basis of location, population trends, major crops, and the status of agricultural production entities, the institute works to conduct micro-level analysis on the current state of agricultural structures and rural village communities as well as predicted future structural changes, viewing the entire region as a whole. After this micro-level analysis, the institute presents issues to be tackled in the future in the interest of the formation and reorganization of agricultural production entities suited to regional characteristics.
Agricultural machinery needed by large incorporated companies in
Agricultural machinery needed
by large incorporated companies in disaster-stricken areas
(Higashimatsushima, Miyagi)
Paddy fields in a low uplands area (Shobara, Hiroshima)
Paddy fields in a low uplands area
(Shobara, Hiroshima)