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Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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PRIMAFF Annual Report 2001(No.1)(Mar. 2003)



Organization (PDF:46KB)

Departments and Activities(PDF:70KB)

Abstract of the Studies(PDF:113KB)

List of the Research Projects(PDF:101KB)

Research Overview

Variability of Farm Income and New Safety Net Programs. Kunihisa YOSHII(PDF:118KB)

Estimation of Economic Effects and Environmental Loads of the Recycling of Food Waste Using Input-output Techniques. Taiji YOSHIDA(PDF:110KB)

Development of a Method for Econometric Estimation of Technological Innovation in Agricultural Production. Shunji ONIKI(PDF:112KB)

Economic Analysis of the Vegetable Price Stabilization Program. Toshitaka KATSUKI(PDF:115KB)

Effects of Increasing Green Onions Import on the Domestic Production. Toshitaka KATSUKI(PDF:127KB)

Demand Analysis of Vegetables by Intended Purposes. Shigenori KOBAYASHI(PDF:1,148KB)

The Price formation of Voluntarily Marketed Rice and its competition with non-Orderly Marketed Rice. Tetsuro YAKUSHIJI(PDF:89KB)

Estimating Own and Cross Brand Price Elasticities,and Price-Cost Margin Ratios using Store-Level Daily Scanner Data. Junko KINOSHITA (PDF:90KB)

Securing a Variety of Core Farmers and Structure of Regional Agriculture. Akira EGAWA(PDF:108KB)

Econometric Analysis of Farm Household Behaviour during the Farmland-Use Adjustment Process. Takeshi FUJIE(PDF:108KB)

Analysis of the Revitalization Mechanism for Long-term Nursing Care Services in Rural Areas. Yoshihiko AIKAWA(PDF:108KB)

Factor Analysis Regarding the Unmarried Status of Rural Young Males and the Trend towards Nuclear Families in semi-Mountainous Areas. Yoshihiko AIKAWA (PDF:109KB)

Frontier Cost Function Analysis of Japanese Multipurpose Agricultural Cooperatives. Ryuichi FUKUDA(PDF:908KB)

A Comparative Analysis of the Institutional Construction of Rural Development Policy. Keiichi ISHII(PDF:153KB)

Study on Overseas Movements Regarding the Development and Regulations of Genetically Modified Crops. Yasuo WATANABE(PDF:102KB)

Present State of Agro-Environmental Policies of East Asian Countries and Related Issues. Kyoichiro ADACHI(PDF:165KB)

Research on Refining the Methods of Forecasting Global Demand and Supply for Food, given Environmental and Resource Constraints(PDF:105KB)

Research on Evaluation Methods for Policies on Recycling and reuse of Organic Materials Originating from Agriculture(PDF:84KB)

Research Staff Activity(PDF:140KB)

Research Exchanges(PDF:403KB)


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