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Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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PRIMAFF Annual Report 2003(No.3)(Dec. 2004)




Departments and Activities(PDF:10KB)

Outline of Research(PDF:68KB)

Research Overview

Evaluation of the Recycling of Biomass Resources Using the Waste Account. Takashi HAYASHI(PDF:12KB)

Development of World Food Supply and Demand Model with Consideration to Environmental and Resources Constraints. Sotaro INOUE(PDF:16KB)

Demand Analysis of Vegetables by Intended Purpose. Shigenori KOBAYASHI(PDF:14KB)

Direction of Agri-Environmental Policy in Germany and Related Issues. Tomoko ICHIDA(PDF:18KB)

An Analysis of Agricultural Training System Corresponding to Various New Entrants. Akira EGAWA(PDF:19KB)

Thoughts and its Changing Process of Theatrical Movement in Rural Area. Yoshihiko AIKAWA(PDF:19KB)

Present Problems of Hilly and Mountainous Areas under Enforcement of the Direct Payment System. Takaaki WATANABE(PDF:19KB)

Necessary Conditions for Continuation of Rural Communities in Hilly and Mountainous Areas. Noboru HASHIZUME (PDF:17KB)

Case Studies for Entry of Nonagricultural Business Organizations into Farming. Tomoaki ONO(PDF:22KB)

Research on the Potential of Food Production Taking into Account Environmental and Resource Limiting Factors in Major regions Around the World. Koichiro AKASHI (PDF:14KB)

Comparative Study of Institutions and Policies for Food Safety. Tomoko ICHIDA(PDF:15KB)

Production and Distribution of Non-GM Grains: Implications for Japan-US Food System. Masashi TACHIKAWA(PDF:17KB)

Rural Industrialization in China: Its Effect on the Interregional Imbalances and the Consequences of Privatization. Junichi ITO(PDF:13KB)

Econometric Analysis of Pastoral Management and Grassland Desertification on the Mongolian Plateau. Shunji ONIKI(PDF:21KB)

Research Staff Activity(PDF:132KB)

Research Exchanges(PDF:23KB)


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