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Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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PRIMAFF Annual Report 2004(No.4)(Oct. 2005)




Departments and Activities(PDF:32KB)

Outline of Research(PDF:177KB)

Research Overview

The Trend of Vegetable Demand by Intended Purposes and the Main Characteristics of Vegetable Demand. Shigenori KOBAYASHI(PDF:86KB)

Food Safety/Peace of Mind and Food Information:A Survey of Consumer Attitudes. Yuki SUZUKI (PDF:94KB)

Comparative Study on Institutions and Policies for Food Safety:Focusing on the Meat Sector. Tomoko ICHIDA (PDF:106KB)

Institutional Design of Agri-Environmental Payment:An Application of Behavioral Economics for Policy Analysis. Hiroki SASAKI(PDF:72KB)

Settlement Support to New Comers in Depopulation Area. Akira EGAWA, Tomoaki ONO, Gentaro SUZUMURA,Takeaki WATANABE, Noboru HASHIZUME(PDF:187KB)

Support System of New Entrants to Agriculture from Non-farming Households from the Viewpoint of Farm Management and Rural Life. Akira EGAWA (PDF:40KB)

Process of Disappearance and Continuing Conditions of Rural Communities in Hilly and Mountainous Areas. Noboru HASHIZUME(PDF:71KB)

Time Series Analysis of Farmland Prices Using Longitudinal Data. Takeshi FUJIE(PDF:78KB)

Studies on Trends in Agriculture and Agricultural Policy in Korea. Yasuo WATANABE (PDF:75KB)

The Quantitative Analysis of the North American BSE Outbreak on the Japanese and World Beef Markets. Atsuyuki UEBAYASHI (PDF:103KB)

Background of Brazil's Farm Trade Growth and Its Effects on Japanese Agriculture. Junichi SHIMIZU(PDF:53KB)

Fragility of the Sahelian Farmers and Soil Degradation:A Village Level Study. Takeshi SAKURAI(PDF:86KB)

Research Staff Activity(PDF:101KB)

Research Exchanges(PDF:501KB)


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