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Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Research Paper

  • Prospects for Japanese agriculture and rural areas: prediction of regional agriculture and farming area structure in 2015. Noboru HASHIZUME, Akira EGAWA, Ryuichi FUKUDA, Shigeo TOMODA (No.27/Jul.2000)
  • Changes in food consumption expenditure in Malaysia. Akira ISHIDA, Law Siong HOOK, Yoshihisa AITA (No.26/Jun.2000)
  • Some issues on the characteristics of rural cooperatives in Indonesia. Kazuo MOROZUMI, Al Sri BAGYO, Wayan SUDANA, Amar K ZAKRA (No.25/Jun.1999)
  • Farming systems research in Nepal: Current status and future Agenda. Devendra GAUCHAN, Shigeki YOKOYAMA (No.24/Mar.1999)
  • Provision of rural amenities and policy incentives. Kenji YOSHINAGA, Motoyuki GODA, Kentaro YOSHIDA (No.23/Sep.1998)
  • Water pollution from agriculture in the context of land use planning. Eiichiro NISHIZAWA (No.22/Jun.1998)
  • Profitability of scale expansion investment and its determinants: The case of the Japanese rice sector. Junichi ITO (No.21/Mar.1998)
  • Measuring the degree of competition in the U.S. milk market. Nobuhiro SUZUKI, Harry M. KAISER (No.20/Nov.1997)
  • The Malaysian rice policy: Directions and implications. Akira ISHIDA, Azizan ASMUNI (No.19/Oct.1997)
  • A study of the managerial conditions influencing the purchase and sale of farmland by owner farmers after the Second World War. Yoshihiko AIKAWA(No.18/Feb.1997)
  • Large-scale rice farming in Japan: A case study. Jon P. SUOMALA, Takeshi SAKURAI (No.17/Feb.1997)
  • Crop production under drought risk and estimation of demand for formal drought insurance in the Sahel. Takeshi SAKURAI (No.16/Feb.1997)
  • Trade liberalization of agricultural products and conservation of the environment. Junichi ITO (No.15/Mar.1996)
  • Design of the set-aside program in the Japanese rice sector. Junichi ITO (No.14/Jan.1996)
  • Agriculture in Japan: Current issues and possible implications of the Uruguay Round Agreement. Loek BOONEKAMP (No.13/Mar.1995)
  • A note on the optimal level of pollution: Integrated approach to abatement and output reduction. Koichiro AKASHI, Mitsuyasu YABE (No.12/Jun.1994)
  • The determinants of rates of return to scale expansion investment in Japanese livestock production: A stochastic frontier cost function approach. Junichi ITO (No.11/Dec.1992)
  • Some papers on food and agricultural problems of Japan and other Asian countries. Michio KANAI et al. (No.10/Jun.1991)
  • Roles of public expenditure in Japanese agriculture. Junichi SHIMIZU (No.9/Jun.1991)
  • Dynamic model of investment behavior of farms: An application of optimal control theory. Junichi ITO (No.8/Mar.1991)
  • Assessing the returns of R & D expenditures on post-war Japanese agricultural production. Junichi ITO (No.7/Mar.1991)
  • An assessment of deficiency payments to milk producers in Japan. Nobuhiro SUZUKI, D.H. JUDSON (No.6/Mar.1990)
  • Agricultural problem facing Japan: a perspective from agricultural structure. Tamotsu TABATA (No.5/Jan.1990)
  • Aspects of agricultural price policies in Japan, 1970-1986. Hiroaki KOBAYASHI (No.4/Mar.1989)
  • Experience with crop insurance scheme in Japan. Ryohei KADA, Ryuichi SHIGENO (No.3/Mar.1988)
  • The social structure and function of group farming: A case study of an organization for joint use in Japanese rural society. Yoshihiko AIKAWA (No.2/Mar.1988)
  • Japanese agriculture as viewed from money flow: a case study of a Tohoku village. Kazuo MOROZUMI (No.87-1/Mar.1987)