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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Character Size

Product Summary (Registration No.13)

Registration No.13 市田柿

Registered name (Transcription) : 市田柿 (Ichida Gaki)、ICHIDA GAKI
Reference information : Ichida Kaki

Category of Product

Class 18 Processed Fruit (Dried Kaki Persimmon)

Production Area

Iida City, Shimoina County, and Iijima Town and Nakagawa Village in Kamiina County, Nagano Prefecture

Registered Group

JA Minami Shinsyu (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)


ICHIDA GAKI is a dried Kaki (persimmon) using small Ichida kaki variety. The sugar context of the product is very high. By employing traditional drying and kneading methods, it becomes light-brown color and soft texture with a powdery sugar coating on the surface.

Link with the Production Area

Shimo-Ichida (currently Takamori Town) in Shimo-Ina County is the birthplace of ICHIDA GAKI. The region’s temperature gap between day and night creates high sugar content persimmon.  Also, the river fog generated during late fall to early winter brings preferable temperature and humidity for producing high quality dried Kaki.


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