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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Product Summary (Registration No.15)

Registration No.15 谷田部ねぎ

Registered name (Transcription) : 谷田部ねぎ (Yatabe Negi)
Reference information : Yatabe Green Onion
Yatabe Negi photo

Category of Product

Class 2 Vegetables (Green Onion)

Production Area

Yatabe, Obama City, Fukui Prefecture

Registered Group

Yatabe Negi Production Association


By transplanting twice with an angle, the branch part of Yatabe Negi is bent like a hook-shaped wire. Yatabe Negi carries unique stickiness and sweetness. Leaves are also edible. The branch part is rather short (12-15cm) and the color of the leaves are pale and soft.

Link with the Production Area

The production area is sandy and well drained, and suitable for green onion cultivation. Native varieties which have been grown in Yatabe are used, and the transplantation with a bent is a traditional cultivation method of this area.


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