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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Japanese meat

Japanese Beef(Wagyu)

Wagyu is a breed of cattle unique to Japan and can also be said to be part of Japan’s heritage. The unrivaled quality and taste of Wagyu has been recognized around the world, and exports are increasing in line with the recent Japanese cuisine boom.

Japanese Beef Products Guide Book(PDF : 15,140KB)

Divided version is as follows.
No.1(PDF : 940KB),No.2(PDF : 1,085KB),No.3(PDF : 1,851KB),No.4(PDF : 1,555KB),No.5(PDF : 1,876KB),No.6(PDF : 1,521KB),No.7(PDF : 1,369KB),No.8(PDF : 1,365KB),No.9(PDF : 1,367KB),No.10(PDF : 1,668KB),No.11(PDF : 1,481KB),No.12(PDF : 1,481KB),No.13(PDF : 1,581KB)

WAGYU Japanese Beef(PDF : 8,366KB)

Divided version is as follows.
No.1(PDF : 1,982KB),No.2(PDF : 1,016KB),No.3(PDF : 1,541KB),No.4(PDF : 1,126KB),No.5(PDF : 1,003KB),No.6(PDF : 1,191KB),No.7(PDF : 1,099KB),No.8(PDF : 1,447KB)