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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Food Loss and Waste / Food Recycling System


The United Nations Summit 2015 adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which set goals (Sustainable Development Goals) relevant to the reduction of food losses and waste. The achievement of these goals that are closely related to the reduction of food losses, promotion of food recycling, high level productivity and improvement of resource efficiency will be a key to the simultaneous solution of various socioeconomic issues.


Information regarding the current status and causes of food losses in Japan, ongoing initiatives to reduce food losses, and an outline of the Food Recycling Act
Reducing Food Loss and Waste(PDF : 1,096KB)

A ducument concerning “Reducing food loss and waste in Japan”, which was used in APEC 2019 Expert ConsultationNEWアイコン
Reducing food loss and waste in Japan(PDF : 885KB)

Briefing material providing an outline of the periodic reporting system under the Food Recycling Act
Regular Reporting in accordance with the Food Waste Recycling Act(PDF : 667KB)

Guidelines to be referred to in order to properly ascertain the amount of food wasted, the amount of food waste used as recyclable food resources , and other conditions of the use of recyclable food resources
Guidelines for Measuring the Amount of Food Waste Generated and Food Waste Recycling Rate(PDF : 280KB)

Forms to be used by Japanese food businesses to report to the Japanese government concerning the amount of food wasted, the amount of food waste used as recyclable food resources, and other conditions of the use of food waste as recyclable food resources
Regular Report (EXCEL : 202KB)

Project of Trust Survey of Recycling in Food Industry, etc.
(Survey on Methods to Reduce Food Loss and Waste for Sports Events)

In support of efforts to reduce food loss and waste in facilities such as the Olympic Village where the Organizing Committee directly provides food during the Tokyo 2020 Games, we studied potential approaches during the “serving” and the “consumption” stages, working with hotels that cater to teams of participating countries at the 2018 Volleyball Women’s World Championships.

Report (Executive Summary)(PDF : 1,064KB)