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Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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PRIMAFF Annual Report 2002(No.2)(Dec. 2003)




Departments and Activities(PDF:56KB)

Outline of Research(PDF:200KB)

Research Overview

Investigation and Analysis Regarding Safeguard Policies in Other Countries. Kentaro KATSUMATA(PDF:103KB)

Analysis on Recent US Agricultural Insurance Programs: Participation and Indemnity. Kunihisa YOSHII(PDF:78KB)

Study on Systematizing Food, Agriculture and Rural Area Policies. Kunihisa YOSHII(PDF:105KB)

Analysis of Fruit Prices and Distribution Costs: Focusing on the Case of Unsyu Mandarins. Toshitaka KATSUKI(PDF:105KB)

Macro-economic Analysis of Food Distribution Costs. Tetsuro YAKUSHIJI(PDF:113KB)

Structural Change of Farmland-use: the Growth of Large-scale Farms and the Retreat of Farmland-use. Tomoaki ONO(PDF:85KB)

Characteristics of the Agricultural Laborforce. Tsutomu MATSUHISA(PDF:83KB)

Econometric Analysis of Farm Household Behaviour during the Farmland-use Adjustment Process. Takeshi FUJIE(PDF:101KB)

An Analysis of Agricultural Training Systems Corresponding to Various New Entrants. Akira EGAWA(PDF:81KB)

Two Sides of Social Phenomenon, which Instigate Changes in Lifestyle. Yoshihiko AIKAWA(PDF:104KB)

Recent Trends of Production and Regulations of Genetically Modified Crops in China. Masashi TACHIKAWA(PDF:107KB)

Understanding Production Development Trends Through Comparative Analysis of Agriculture Reform in the Former Soviet Union. Koichi NOBE(PDF:87KB)

The Governance Structure of French Official Quality Products: The Treatment of Labeled Broilers by Competition Rules. Fumiaki SUDA(PDF:81KB)

A Study on Agricultural Product Trade Structure and Trends in the Asia-Pacific Region. Sotaro INOUE(PDF:93KB)

Agricultural Finance and Hamlets in Vietnam. Takashi OKAE(PDF:86KB)

Research Staff Activity(PDF:98KB)

Research Exchanges(PDF:148KB)


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