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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Safety of Pet Foods

This webpage provides information regarding safety of pet foods to manufactures, importers, and distributors of pet foods.
Please refer to these materials to respect Japan's Pet Food Safety Act.

1. Information for manufactures, importers, and distributers of pet foods

To manufactures, importers, and distributers

1- For Securing Safety of Pet Food (PDF : 407KB)

2- (Under Construction)

3- In Order to Supply Safe Pet Foods (PDF : 872KB)

4- Are your pet food products properly labeled with their COUNTRY OF ORIGIN ?(PDF : 129KB)

To manufactures

5- Manual for the Manufacturing of Safe Pet Foods (PDF : 305KB)

6- Pet Food Sanitation Management Manual (PDF : 2,752KB)

7- Use of wild animal meat in pet food production (PDF : 206KB)

8- Pet Food Safety Act: Labeling Check Sheet (PDF : 180KB)

2.  Related Laws and Regulations