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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Agricultural Management

Women's Empowerment in Agriculture

 Women play an important role in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, and regional revitalization, and are fully expected to contribute to realizing the sixth industrialization. Women's empowerment in agriculture, forestry and fisheries will be promoted to transform them into growth Industries.

Women's empowerment in agriculture(PDF : 1,599KB)

 A family management agreement should provide the management policies, role sharing, and working environments comfortable for all family members, based on sufficient discussions among family members in order to establish attractive agricultural businesses management so that every family member engaged in farming can participate in management with aspirations and satisfaction. 

Start Book for a “family management agreement”(PDF : 281KB)

Examples of Accepting Foreign Technical Intern Trainess in Agriculture NEWアイコン

MAFF made this material so as to widely disseminate some examples showing the situation to accept foreign techincal intern trainees currently playing an active part in agricultural field sites in Japan.

Good Practices for Accepting Foreign Technical Intern Trainees in the Agriculture Sector(PDF : 1,038KB)

Project to Accept Foreigners for Agricultural Support in National Strategic Special Zones

 In September 2017, Japan introduced the Project to Accept Foreigners for Agricultural Support in National Strategic Special Zones so as to accept foreign workers with certain knowledge and skills to engage in work at agricultural production sites located in the limited areas called National Strategic Special Zones designated by the Japanese government.
 For a brief summary, related laws and regulations and other reference documents relating to the project, please see below.

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