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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Geographical Indication(GI) protection system

GI MarkThe Act on Protection of the Names of Specific Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs (Geographical Indication (GI) Act) entered into force in June 2015.

In Japan, there are many regional brand products which are high quality and have obtained reputation as a result of unique production methods and natural characteristics of the production area such as climate and soil conditions. The GI Act therefore provides a system that the government protects names of such products as Intellectual Property.

The GI Act protects the interests of producers through the establishment of GI protection system, thereby contributing to the sound development of the agricultural, forestry and fishery industries and also to ensure the interests of consumers.

Information on Registered GIs

You can search registered GI products through the following site:

Information website on Japan's Geographical Indications (external link)  
 ( English,Chinese,Thai,French,Italian)

Information on Designated GIs NEWアイコン

Outline of the GI Act

Geographical Indication(GI) protection system in Japan(PDF : 520KB)

Geographical Indication(GI) applicant guidebook of Japan(PDF : 750KB)

Guidelines for the Use of Geographical Indications(Tentative, updated on March 29, 2018)(PDF : 1,390KB)

Registered Symbol “GI Mark” 

GI Mark can be used with registered GIs, their package, container, advertisement material etc.. The mark proves that the product used with the mark is a genuine GI product whose established characteristics are essentially attributable to its producing area.

What Japan's New GI Protection System Expects to Achieve

Information on Publication of Applications

Information on Publication for Designation


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