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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Character Size

List of JAS

Foods and Beverages

No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Canned agricultural products and bottled agriculturalproducts  
2 Canned livestock products and bottled livestock products  
3 Canned marine products and bottled marine products  
4 Soy milks  
5 Carrot juice and carrot mixed juice  
6 Hamburger patty  
7 Chilled hamburger steak(JAS1016)  
8 Chilled meatball(JAS1238)  
9 Instant noodles  
10 Dried Japanese noodles  
11 Vegetable protein and seasoned vegetable protein(JAS0838)  
12 Panko (breadcrumbs)(JAS1491)  
13 Pickled agricultural products(JAS1752)  
14 Processed tomato products  
15 Jams(JAS0524)  
16 Shavings of dried fish(JAS1122)  
17 Boiled and dried small fishes  
18 Glucose(JAS1412)  
19 High fructosecorn syrup and sugar added high fructose cornsyrup(JAS0208)  
20 Vinegar  
21 Refined lard(JAS0988)  
22 Margarines(JAS0932)  
23 Shortening(JAS0989)  
24 Edible refined and processed oils and fats(JAS1424)  
25 Easily Chewable and Swallowable Foods External link(PDF:355KB)
26 Fruit juice and fruit beverage  
27 Pure apple juice not from concentrate  
28 Carbonated drinks  
29 Bacons  
30 Hams  
31 Pressed ham  
32 Sausage  
33 Macaroni Products(JAS2633)  
34 Dressings  
35 Flavored seasonings(JAS0310)  
36 Dehydrated soup  
37 Worcester sauces  
38 Soy Sauce(Shoyu) External link(PDF:414KB)
39 Edible vegetable oils and fats  
40 Aged bacons  
41 Aged hams  
42 Aged sausages  
43 Hand-made Somen  
44 Naturally grown chicken  
45 Aquaculture products by artificial seedling production techniques(JAS0005) External link(PDF:251KB)
46 Foods produced with the participation of persons with disabilities(JAS0010)  
47    Chicken eggs and meat by sustainable system(JAS0013)

Organic products

No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Organic agricultural products Click here to Organic JAS
2 Organic processed foods
3 Organic feeds
4 Organic livestock products

Production Information

No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Beef with production information  
2 Pork with production information  
3 Agricultural products with production information  
4 Caltivated fish with production information  

Plant products(Non-edible)

No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Tatami facing(JAS1017)  
2 Cut flowers produced under controls for vase life in growers(JAS0001) External link(PDF:266KB)

Forestry products

No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Sawn lumber(JAS1083)  
2 Structural lumber for wood frame construction Finger - joint structural lumber for wood frame construction  
3 Glued laminated timber  
4 Cross laminated timber(JAS3079)  
5 Laminated veneer lumber  
6 Structural panel(JAS0360)  
7 Plywood  
8 Flooring(JAS1073)  
9 Log  
10 Glued Build-Up Timber(JAS0006)  
11 Widthwise Glued Timber(JAS0007)  


No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Organic food identification standards for restaurants(JAS0004)  
2 Refrigeration in fruit and vegetable wholesale markets(JAS0011)  
3 Cultivation environment management of leafy vegetables in plant factory with artificial lighting(JAS0012) External link(PDF:366KB)


No Name Standards(English ver)
1 Determination of the O-methylated Catechin in ‘Benifuuki’ Green Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) ― High-performance liquid chromatographic method(JAS0002) External link(PDF:733KB)
2 Determination of the β- cryptoxanthin in Satsuma Mandarin -High-performance liquid chromatographic method(JAS0003) External link(PDF:594KB)
3 Determination of the lutein in spinach ― High-performance liquid chromatographic method(JAS0008) External link(PDF:802KB)
4 Determination of the lycopene in raw tomato ― Spectrophotometric method(JAS0009) External link(PDF:250KB)


 For certification, you'll be needed the documents of “Technical Standards for Certification”, “Inspection Methods”, and “Grading mark Format・Method” in addition to the standards. Please contact us for details.


Food Standards Office, Food Manufacture Affairs Division,
Food Industry Affairs Bureau,
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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