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Organic JAS

  JAS Act
Certification System
- List of CBs
- Outline of equired formalities for CB
Organic JAS
- Standards
- Technical criteria
- Export of organic foods to Japan 
- Organic equivalency
  List of Standards
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The JAS Standards for organic plants and organic processed foods of plant origin were established in 2000 on the basis with the Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling and Marketing of Organically Produced Foods which were adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

The organic JAS logo can only be applied by registered business entities that have been certified by the Accredited certification body to verify that organic foods are produced in compliance with JAS.
In addition, it is prohibited to sell agricultural products and processed foods as "Organic foods" with names such as "有機","Organic", etc. without the Organic JAS logo.

Organic JAS

JAS logo is required for organic livestock products and organic processed products with animal origin ingredients from 16 July 2020!

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 Organic Standards 

Techinical Criteria for Production process managers,
  Re-packers and Importers

 The Form and the Method of Grading Labels

    Inspection Methods

    Export of Organic Products to Japan

    Organic equivalency

    List of Organic JAS Certification Bodies and Importers

    Reference Information about Organic JAS




    Food Standards Office, Food Manufacture Affairs Division,
    Food Industry Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries