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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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The Winners of the Minister's Awards for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food


The Minister's Award for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food is awarded to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the introduction and spread of Japanese cuisine, Japanese food and other Japanese agricultural and fishery products overseas. Its purpose is to further expand exports of Japanese agricultural, fishery and food products. Both foreign nationals and Japanese nationals residing overseas are eligible.

The Fifteenth Award Winners’Profiles

Shiro Kashiba

 Restaurant owner
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador 

Shigeo Kimura

Ginko Restaurant owner chef
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Takeyuki Suetsugu

Chairman,Chairperson,Seattle's Japanese Restaurant Association
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Norio Tomida

Tokyokan owner
Recipient of The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Toshio Himuro

Chairman, Zen Foods Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Hong Kong Japanese Restaurant  Association
Chair, Chamber for Promoting Japanese Food Imports in Hong Kong
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Supported by

Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Past Award Winner's Profiles

The Fourteenth Award Winners’Profiles

Hideki Kishimoto

Brand Chef for Ichibanboshi
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Kensei Tomita

Owner of Japanese Restaurant Kotetsu
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Tetsuya Wakuda

Owner Chef of Tetsuya's and Waku Ghin
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

The Thirteenth Award Winners’Profiles

Aref Saade

Owner of Shogun Lounge Japanese restaurant
Owner of Tropical Bamboo that engages in the supply of Japanese food and the recruitment of ches
Treasure of Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafés, Night-Clubs, and Pastries in Lebanon

Takehiro Ohno

President and Representative Director OHNO SRL
Owner of Tienda OHNO
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador

Fumihiko Konishi

Chairman, Texchem Resources Bhd.

Teng Yu Di

Director and General Manager,Shenzhen Sinsanwa Japanese Food Product Limited
Chairperson, Shenzhen Japanese Restaurant Association

Toshiaki Toyoshima

Sushi Gen Sushi Restaurant Owner

The Twelfth Award Winners’Profiles

Masanori Shirakata

President, Shirakata Denshiro Shoten, Inc.
President, Den's Tea, Inc.

Michael Chong Vui Shing

Owner, Excapade Restaurant
Owner, Sno-Food Trading

Minoru Hirazawa/Mami Hirazawa

President, Poporoya Srl.
President, Shiro Srl.
Representative Director, Poporoya Srl.
Representative Director, Shiro Srl.

Yutaka Miyanishi

Owner, Restaurant Furusato

Harumasa Murayama

Managing Director, Tokyo Food Co., Ltd.
Director, Japan Mart
Director, Tokyo Liquor
CEO, Nippon Food Supplies

The Eleventh Award Winners’Profiles

Hiroo Oda

Owner, Restaurant Hiroshima

Jean-Robert Pitte

President, Mission francaise du patrimoine et des cultures alimentaires(MFPCA)
Professor emeritus, Paris-Sorbonne University (University of Paris D.)

Joji Sugawara

Owner, Restaurant DARUMA,
Senior Adviser, the Nichiboku Kyokai(Mexican Japanese Association)

Tommy Cheung Yu Yan

Member, Executive Council of the HKSAR
Member, Legislative Council of the HKSAR
Chairman, Hong Kong Catering Industry Association
Honorary President, Hong Kong Japanese Food and Cuisine Association
Honorary President, The Hong Kong Food Council
Honorary President, Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Industry Coalition
Member of the University Council, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shuho Bon Yagi

President, T.I.C. Restaurant Group

The Tenth Award Winners’Profiles

Yumiko Aihara

Culinary journalist

Zeng Bo

CEO of Shanghai Daling Food Co.,Ltd
CEO of Shanghai Nagashin-uoyichi Co.,Ltd
Vice Director of Japanese Cuisine Committee
Of China Hotel Association
Honorary President of ECMA
(Eite Catering Management Association)

Darja Kawasumiová

Owner Chef of Miyabi

Seijiro Funayama

Jun Pacific Corporation Pty. Ltd., Corporate Adviser

David Dingsan Lin

Chairman of Deysan International Co., Ltd

The Nineth Award Winner's Profiles

Kinji Kobayashi

Deputy-General Manager & Executive Chef, Beijing Kurazen Co.,Ltd.
Director of the World Association of Chinese Cuisine

 Tsuneyasu Kondo

 Management Advisor of NIPPON-YA, a Japanese food store

Shiu Ha May Choi

Managing Director of Sun Wah Japanese Food Ltd.
Managing Director of the Nishimura Japanese Restaurant chain group

Tetsuro Hama

Owner of So Restaurant, Owner of Sozai Cooking School
Chairman of Japanese Culinary Academy UK
Board Member of the Japan Society            

 Muneaki Fukasawa

Chef and owner of Fuji

The Eighth Award Winner's Profiles

Shinya Koike

Owner, Restaurant “Aizomê” and Restaurant “Sakagura A1” 

Yousuke Suetsugu

Owner, Restaurant “Nonbe Daigaku”

 Dharshan Munidasa

Owner, Japanese restaurant“Nihonbashi”

Hidejiro Matsu

President, MKK IMPORT    

Rie Yoshitake

UK-Japan communication expert, Sake Promoter
UK Liaison for Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association
UK representative for Sake Samurai Association

The Seventh Award Winner's Profiles

Ryuko Abe


 Fumio Ito 

Dream Team Dusseldorf GmbH Advisor 

 Reiko Jinyama 

Japanese Bento/Catering Establishment ‘Jinya’ Catering Business Owner

Shinji Tanaka

New Style Restaurant ‘TANAKA’ Restaurant Owner               

Yosuke Jay O Honjo

ITO EN (USA) Inc. President & CEO 

The Sixth Award Winner's Profiles

Akira Ohshima

Advisor & Honorary Executive Chief Japanese Restaurants

Teruo Oyama 


Oded Kalif 

President, East & West Import & Marketing Ltd

Masaharu Morimoto

The owner of Japanese Restaurants "MORIMOTO" etc.

Haruhisa Yamamoto

 Ex-President,Denver Tofu Company

The Fifth Award Winner's Profiles

 Ryuji Ishii

 President,AFC Corporation

Toru Iwasaki

Director and President,Tozan Group/President, Tozan Farm

Chow Sing Mo

President, Nikken's Japanese Food Co., Ltd.

Richard Hosking

Food culture researcher

Keiko Mutoh

"kei" Japanese restaurant

The Fourth Award Winner's Profiles

Hideki Kato 

Managing Director,DAISHO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

Iwao Komiyama

Operator of "Iwao Sushi & Cuisine," a Japanese catering service and Japanese food consultancy

Yoshimori Tome 

CEO, "Sushi Ran" Japanese restaurant 

Yoshio Nogawa 

CEO, owner-Chef, "NOGAWA" Japanese restaurant 

Hajime Miyamae 

Owner, "KAMAKURA" Japanese restaurant 

The Third Award Winner's Profiles

Yasuo Kumoda

Chairman and CEO, Frec Food Inc.

Toshiro Konishi

Owner of Japanese restaurant “Toshiro’s Mandalay”

Tai Tak Fung

Chairman, Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Ltd.

Markus Hastenpflug

President, Shimodozono International GmbH

Kunio Yoneda

President of the Japanese Chef Association, United States Branch

The Second Award Winner's Profiles

Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

Owner of restaurant “Matsuhisa”

Christopher Dawson 

Chairman, Clearspring Ltd.

Hideo Dekura 

Shijo-ryu (school of Japanese cuisine) master chef and Japanese cuisine specialist

Noritoshi Kanai

President, Mutual Trading Co., Inc.

Yoshikuni Kinebuchi

Owner of Japanese restaurants “Furinkazan” & “Restaurant Kei”

The First Award Winner's Profiles

Shirley Booth

Lecturer, the Asian and Oriental School of Catering in London

Frankie P. Wu

President, Aji-No-Chinmi Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Nobuyoshi Kuraoka

Owner & President, Wako International Corp.




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