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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

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Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS)

  JAS Act
Certification System
- List of CBs
- Outline of required formalities for CB
Organic JAS
- Standards
- Technical criteria
- Export of organic foods to Japan 
- Organic equivalency
  List of Standards
  JAS Movie
  Japanse Website(日本語)
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JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) are the Japanese national standards in the field of agricultural, forestry, fisheries and food industry. JAS is established by the Minister of agriculture, Forestry and fisheries.

The targets of JAS are;(1) Products, (2) Business Entities, (3) Performance evaluation and (4) Terms relating to Agriculture, forestry, fishery and foods . As long as products and services conform to the standards, the JAS logo can be attached on them.

JAS Logos


General JAS

Applied to the foods and the forestry products which conform to the JAS for quality, for example, quality grade, composition and specification.


Specific JAS 

Applied to the foods which conform to the JAS for specific method and for foods with distinctive characteristics, for example, speciality matured foods.  


Organic JAS

Applied to the agricultural products and processed foods which conform to the Organic JAS. Without Organic JAS logo, any products can’t be labelled as “organic”. 

JAS Symbol

Testing-Method JAS 

Apply to the test report which shows the result analyzed by the JAS Testing-method.



Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Office, Food Manufacture Affairs Division,
New Bussiness and Food Industry Department, Minister's Secretariat,
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries